Filament sensor plugins + my stock sensor = Insta-canceled prints

I've tried connecting my Tronxy X5ST filament sensor to my OctoPi, and it works.

It's a three-pin sensor with LED, and it's wired as follows:
VCC = pin 17 (3.3V)
SIG = pin 18 (GPIO 24)
GND = pin 20

Using "gpio readall", I can see the following output:
Without filament: GPIO 24 = HIGH
With filament: GPIO 24 = LOW

As soon as I install a filament plugin (I've tested Filament Sensor Reloaded, Filament Sensor Encore and Filament Sensor NG), and every time I start a print, it instantly cancels the print.
As soon as I remove the filament sensor plugin, prints work fine again.

With the Filament Sensor Reloaded plugin, my octoprint.log was full of octoprint.plugins.filamentreload - INFO - Sensor callback but no trigger state change.
I've tried setting the switch-type to both Normal Open and Normal Closed but it makes no difference in any way.

Can anyone assist me?

Did you exercise this plugin's status API? If so, was it producing the expected result?


With the sensor set to "Normal Open", the status page says "status": "0" when there's no filament in the sensor, and "status": "1" when there is.
The octoprint.log file is "quiet" when there is no filament in the sensor, and spams 2019-07-05 22:43:26,473 - octoprint.plugins.filamentreload - INFO - Sensor callback but no trigger state change. when I insert my filament test-bit.
Printer keeps printing, doesn't pause like I'd expect it to.

As soon as I switch to Normal Closed, the status reverses, and the print is paused as soon as I insert filament...

Why not take this then to the plugin author's repository and ask for advice there by opening an issue? It sounds like 1) your switch is testing correctly to GPIO, 2) it's testing correctly to the author's API point and 3) doesn't work as expected.

And this state is stable? So if you check it 50 times you get 50 times the same result?

After following @OutsourcedGuru's directions, I went to the GitHub page for the Filamentet Sensor Reloaded plug-in, and found that several other people had similar issues, and that the plug-in hadn't been worked on since late January 2017. Others had tried Filament Sensor NG successfully, so I'm going to give it a second try.

@Schnello , no I didn't try that many tests, but I tried 4-5, and they all have the same result. Flutter doesn't seem to be the issue.