Filament volume calculation wrong


My octoprint is Version 1.3.10.

I am looking at the status pane of a print. It says there is 22.47 meters of filament and 158.86 cc. This is wrong. My filament is 1.75 mm in diameter and 2247 * pi * (.175/2)**2 is 54 cc, not 159 cc (all units in centimeters, not mm).

Where in octoprint is the filament diameter specified? I can't find it.

P.S. It would be really nice if grams of filament was shown. I compare each print to the grams of plastic left by weighing the filament. Length and volume are of no use to me.


Hi @mchahn!

The filament diameter is provided by the slicer.
You may have to look there.

To calculate the used weight, it is way more difficult, because the density of the material vary. Even in one kind of filament can have different density, e.g. various colors of PLA).
You can make these settings in Slic3r, where you can get the result of used material in length and weight. But these data is not standard part of the exported GCODE file. Maybe as a remark line.


The g-code from simplify3d says says ...

; filamentDiameters,1.75|1.75|1.75|1.75|1.75|1.75

; filamentDensities,1.25|1.25|1.25|1.25|1.25|1.25

... so this definitely looks like an Octoprint (or plugin) bug.


In Slic3r, it looks this way:

; filament_diameter = 1.75,1.75,1.75,1.75,1.75

I tried with S3D here and got no volume, even with the same entry in the GCODE file
I don't know, if there is a convention how this data has to be formatted...


One would thing S3D would be supported, also it shouldn't report anything if it can't read anything, right? Is there a way for me to post my file?