File size display weirdness

I noticed a curious thing printing a rather large gcode file. See the attached screenshot. The progress indicator and the file printed/filesize numbers don't match up very well. The file being printed is just under 130 Megs and the file size shown in the print time area is only 101.0 meg. See also the printed percentage is 103 percent.

The print itself is doing fine. Is there a file size limit on those particular indicators? Let me know what other info is needed. (If any)

OctoPrint 1.8.1 Python 3.7.3 OctoPi 0.18.0
Raspberry Pi 4 2 GIG RAM

This was originally placed here and I was told to place it on this forum.....

Can you share the file so we can test?

I think when we've seen this issue before it's been because the file was reuploaded or modified, and some of the metadata didn't update properly.

The template for issues asks for a safe mode test - this could be worth doing, to avoid plugin interference, although I appreciate you won't want to repeat a 2 day print again and again to test...

Well, I seem to have resliced that particular file already and do not have a copy of the original. As for the reuploaded/metadata idea I'm positive that is not the case here. The file was not touched during the print and I frequently refresh the file display after uploading other files to the Pi..

I will print the resliced file in a day or 2 and report back. The resliced file is about 108 megs.

The print came out fine so that part of things are working as they should.

When you upload the new file, check if the file size in the Files list updates with the new size.

I think the difference between the filesize in the Files list vs the printed amount in the State can be explained by stripped comments.

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