Files Section to narrow


the files section on the screen is to narrow for me, so the print Button is partly hidden behind the scroll bar.
I can't remember when this startet and until now i could not find out how to solve this problem.

any help is appreciated.


Can you hold down shift on your keyboard and then press reload? Because that looks like a weird mixture of versions. The scrollbar has been replaced by the browser's native scrollbar, yet your screenshot still shows the old one. That indicates that stuff is not as it should be for 1.3.11.

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Thanks for your reply.
i tried the reload with Shift and CMD (Because its MacOS). I also tried it in Safari, but there i have the same problem. Could this be caused by a plugin? Is it possible to get a list of all Plugins?

It's possible, which is why you should always try to restart into safe mode to rule this out.

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So i think i found the culprit. It seems it's the "Cancel Objects" Plugin. I will file a bug report there.

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