Filter those "N" prefix and Recv/Send

Hi there,

that would have maybe been asked before but I guess don't know how to name it correctly so I'm not finding anything about it. I'm so used with the Mattercontrol/Protonface terminal that I have a hard time to read the OPs one. I know about the filter section and that its possible to add own filters but I totally have no clue how to write the code for it. Just adding "N" obviously doesn't make it and removes the complete line.

Is it possible to remove those N(xyz) before every command?
And also disable the "Send/Recv" in front of every command?

Could be done with a plugin, not with the default terminal filters (which do hide the entire line, as you found).

Take a look at the terminal messaging plugin, it hides the send/recv sections and instead splits the left/right for send/receive. Not exactly what you want, however it could provide a good baseline of how it could be done.

Thanks. Yes I know that plugin but since it doesn't look good to my eyes I didn't bother to try it. I give it a try if I don't find another more in-house solution.

If it's just a visual/aesthetic thing relative to colors etc. you could just fork the plugin and change the css file for the styles that look good to you.

Hm don't get it. Your advice is for the default or the add on plugin?

Mainly I want to hide content which is unnecessary for a casual user like me. I don't want to see those N(XYZ) stuff before every marlin command as it's disturbing and makes it difficult to read what the printer is doing. It's also the send/reciev typo. I got the themify plugin set up to my likings and would like to know if it's possible to hide those extra info content as with the filter thingy. Not a css thing in this case

My advice was for the plugin. You'd have to modify the css in order to change the "look" and the js file in order to changed the replace function in there to remove what you don't want to see. As it stands now, that plugin removes the Send: and Recv: from the terminal, so it would have to be adjusted to remove the other extraneous stuff.