Finally leveled bed with BLtouch then I destroyed the bed on the 2nd print

Finally leveled bed with BLtouch then on the 2nd print Octoprint destroyed bed

What did you already try to solve it?

Kept my self from tossing things out the window

Will octoprint do this if I don't auto level the bed before every print? It absolutely carved huge lines into the surface of my new bed ... might as well go back to my old busted up one now.... rendered useless on it's 2nd print

Back to trying to print on crummy surface .. where's the mad face emoji when you need it

Octoprint didn't destroy anything.

If you don't know how to save and load leveling data ask somebody or google it and don't blame it on Octoprint.

Just a guess, did you power cycle after first print?

If your referring to going to the save profile on the Ender 3 then, yes of course that was done. I spend a lot of trial and error getting the bed leveling as precise as possible. It became clear it was Octoprint when the bed leveling profile is the same while printing from the SD card but the nozzle goes crashing into the bed while using Octoprint. Now if there is a way to save the profile to Octoprint as well please elaborate

Hmmm interesting.... the print paused for a “connection lost” a separate issue that is also driving me crazy ... and I have no choice but to shut it off and move the gantry etc so I could remove the previously printed item and start over ... perhaps that is the problem? Is there a way to run bed leveling from Octoprint so I know it knows what’s going on? Or is it needed everytime the ender 3 is connected to the Octoprint server?

By default I believe that homing the printer will remove the levelling data, and you have to run commands to get it to load the saved mesh. Unless you set the option to restore levelling after G28.

Now this is not necessarily something that OctoPrint has caused, but maybe the firmware responds differently to levelling over SD card vs. serial. Or, there is something in gcode scripts, plugins, or buttons pressed in the webUI that made something different from serial, we could find out what this was with a serial.log - though you have to enable it first.

You haven't said what firmware or printer you are using - please do so. Is the BLTouch used to home the Z axis, or do you have a separate limit switch for homing? In addition, I am slightly confused by this statement:

If you have a BLTouch, then that will do the levelling for you, rather than you having to fine-tune it. It gives me the feeling that something is off with the setup if it takes you a lot of trial and error, once it probes once then the firmware should compensate for the differences.

on mine for the original set up, 1st you manually level the bed as close as possible, run the auto bed leveling and check the z axis offset value (A), adjust the z axis manually using the ender 3 controls which will change the z offset value (B) add (A) + (B) = (C) change your Z offset value to (C), save the profile in the settings. Your bed should now be leveled. With the BL touch enabled you remove the previous Z axis stop switch and the probe data and your leveling is now the Z axis stop. Somehow the data from the saved profile is not being used and some other settings are applied causing the head of the nozzle to go past your Z axis stop value and into the bed. This does not happen when printing from the SD card however. So I'm thinking that somewhere between the Ender 3 and the data being sent by Octoprint there is a problem. It worked correctly on the first print but lost connection and I had to shut off the printer, restart the pie, restart the UI interface on Octoprint and then tried to print and that's where the malfunction took place.

So I'm wondering if I have to run the 9 point auto bed leveling every time I connect to the Octoprint UI? Or if I just sent the info from the Octoprint UI to the SD card on the printer and then printed from the SD card that would prevent this issue from happening without having to autolevel each time I connect from Octoprint? but my "Save to SD card" is greyed out and I haven't figured out why yet. As I'm in no hurry during prints I don't care how long it takes to save to SD card and think it's probably my safest solution as I keep losing connection to the Pi or Printer anyways.

Your thoughts?

Where did you get the procedure you described? I don't use BLTouch et al so I don't know the details, I may well be wrong but it doesn't sound correct. The concept of the BLTouch (and similar devices) is to map the contours of the bed, the printer uses that data to amend Z height dynamically as XY position changes.

BTW the Charlie_Powell is referring to the constant "RESTORE_LEVELING_AFTER_G28".

From the creality website

but it just dawned on me that if I used the "home" button for the Z axis from the OCtoprint UI then it HAS to know where the Z axis is right?

Z offset needs to be set in octoprint profile as well

What? Tell me, how you plan to do this?

Nope! It's too much hardware related.
The printer firmware has has a feature for this - so it should stay with the firmware.

Never mind. That’s the slicer profile… shouldn’t answer posts when I’m half asleep

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Don't worry - happens to me too :yawning_face:

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consider loading the 'EEPROM Editor' plug-in, and take a look at the 'Z Probe Z offset' on the 'Offsets' sub-menu. ... should likely be on the order of -3.00mm (ball park). If you're much more negative than this, then you'll likely bury the nozzle into the bed. ... caveat: I have not seen your setup, and I don't know the exact (or even approximate) delta between your BLTouch 'activation point' and your nozzle.

Did you Store Z Probe Offset value so that it won't be forgotton reboot