Firmware upgrade help (Anet A8)


Well, it's not a heaping pile of slag in the middle of my workbench. I guess that's good

If anybody is listening and knows how to use Arduino IDE, PLEASE step up and help us solve the quandry of the unupdated Anet A8 debacle

You don't need to have an actual Arduino board, just the software known as IDE

I don't even care if you don't tell me how to compile it. Just post the compiled firmware


Pretty please

I promise, I'll even be nice, for, like, a full hour

(Does that answer your question @Ruthalas ? )


One thing that could be a stumbling block and I have not seen mentioned in this thread is the Arduino board definition for the ANET motherboard. This is not part of the Marlin download but needs to be added to your Arduino installation before you can use Arduino to upload Marlin to your board.

You can download this board definition from - don't get hung up on the fact that it says 'SkyNet' - you also need this board definition for Marlin (or any other firmware).


Thank you. Sadly, those are all the same files I already have

What I'm needing (I think) is a proper 'Arduino.h' file because I keep getting

pins for this chip not defined in Arduino.h
error when attempting to compile it

So what I'm wondering now is, has anybody seen this board which is labeled V1.5

The questions and answers on the reviews seem conflicting

Okay, here's one that doesn't say auto leveling

Very poor reviews on this one...


If it's not even compiling properly there's something wrong with your Arduino setup. It might be worth uninstalling and reinstalling the Arduino environment, reinstalling the Anet board file, and trying the example configuration files (in the example_configurations/Anet/A8 directory under the Marlin sources).


No, the Arduino acts as a programmer. So the code is compiled and uploaded THROUGH the Arduino to the ANEt Board , connectd to the Arduino on the SD Card Connector. There are several tutorials out there. This avoids bricking the ANET Board , in case the Bootloader gets overwritten... Which once happened to me before i foung that unbrick the board... and now i allways use it ( or used., i am a the latest version anyway ) . By principle, if you have one, you can use any Atmel Programmer for that...but the arduino approach is the cheapest..( 6 Euro or such for an Uno )

see here for instance :