First boot octoprint problem password

I start in raspberry and octoprint.
When I feed the raspberry for the first time, octoprint takes care of it.
At the end, octoprint asks me for login, pi, ok.
Then the password, raspberry, and there, can not type the password, it's as if he no longer recognized my keyboard (wireless).
Question,: Is there a way to install without password, or absolutely must a keyboard with cable.
Thank you for taking the time to read.

How to Use It, Step 2

There's a step where you can edit the wi-fi settings before putting the microSD into the Raspberry and attempting to boot it.

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I dont have a keyboard. I´ve inserted the card in my laptop, configured the wi-fi network, booted then accessed it by SSH. Only after this I could change the password.

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Your OctoPrint login isn't necessarily the same as your raspberry pi login (although theoretically you could make it so, but you shouldn't for security reasons).

user: pi and password: raspberry are how you log into the raspberry pi's operating system, you log into octoprint using the name and password you create during the first run wizard.

What exactly are you trying to log into? Raspbian via SSH? Or OctoPrint's UI via a web browser?

Thank you, I'm trying that, and I'll let you know.
PS: sorry if the text may not be very legible, I write in French and Google translates. :wink::wink:

Octoprint. Help help

If the problem is you cannot see the password when you type it, Linux does not show letters or * as you type. Just type the password and press enter and it will work

Si le problème est que vous ne pouvez pas voir le mot de passe lorsque vous le tapez, Linux n'affiche pas les lettres ou * à mesure que vous tapez. Il suffit de taper le mot de passe et appuyez sur Entrée et cela fonctionnera