Flahsforge Dremaer is not connecting

I need help !!

So i have Flashforge Dremaer 3D printer and 3ntr A2v4 printer .
and i just installed yesterday Octoprint server on my Raspberry pi 4.
i have no issue connecting my 3ntr printer, i think it works perfect, but the big problem is the Flashforge Dreamer!!!!
the Octoprint server just refuse to find my serial port !!!
he is not recognizing the serial port of my flashforge Dreamer.
like i read ysterday i was not the only one having this kind of issue!!

my question is there any possible way to conncect the dreamer with the octoprint server?
or shoul i just stoop wasting my time trying to do that??!!
(please do not tell me to plug the cable out ,and then plut it in again!!!)


Hello @Herr_Yazan!

First a question: Why have you deleted the template that was shown up when you opened this thread? There have been queries for some important information that help us to help you.

So we just can guess... and that also takes a lot of time.

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A quick search of these forums using Flashforge shows that the Dreamer will most likely need a plugin (GPX) and even with the plugin, it may not work. In either case (as @Ewald_Ikemann says):

Need help? Read this first! Remember to provide version numbers, relevant log files and general information about your setup. WE NEED LOGS TO HELP YOU!

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what information you need! the printer call FlashForge Dreamer , and octoprint server is not recognizing her(serial port)!! that is everything , there nothing more to say. or any further informtation.

I like to quote @b-morgan:

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can you tell me what kind of informtaion you need exactly?? because the FlashForge Dreamer dose not have id number, it is just call 3D printer Flashforge Dreamer!!
tell me what you need exactly, so i might be able to provide you more information, and you might be able to help me.

The printer: https://www.flashforge.com/product-detail/5

@Herr_Yazan, Each of the "blue" text are links. Click on each link and you will open a page (or more) of detailed instructions. You may notice a recurring reference to logs. Without them, our ability to help you is almost nil. When you opened this topic, there was a template designed to help you provide the information we need. Instead of filling it out, you deleted it.

But there is further information. In particular, the serial.log (which you will have to enable) will give us much needed information. Please put some effort into collecting what we need so we can provide you with the best possible assistance.

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