Flashforge Creator Pro , can' t write on SD and can't launch a print from Octopi "local"


What is the problem?

My Flashforge Creator Pro is connected to Octopi but i can't upload a file on SD.
I can upload a file on Octopi local but i can't launch a print from local.

What did you already try to solve it?

Modify all thing that i read here : Supported printer

Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, octoprint.log, serial.log or output on terminal tab, ...)

Serial.log :

serial.log (6.9 KB)

Merci pour votre aide !
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Still relevant please ?
Seems an answer here on github :

Upload to SD doesn't work. It can't work directly because SailFish removed that feature to save bytes. Probably a good call since who wants to wait for 115200 baud when you can just plug the SD card into your PC. Google Groups Post I'm working on FlashAir support

an't delete SD files for a similar reason

Upload to OctoPrint and then print works with .gcode, not with .x3g. The GPX layer converts the gcode to x3g when you print from OctoPrint. I need to figure out a way to make the UI more graceful about this. To review: If the destination is OctoPrint and let it drive: .gcode. If the destination is the SD card and let the bot drive the print: .x3g


Check out the known profiles thread, find the table and scroll to the far right for the FlashForge printer for the comments.


Thank you for you answer, But I have already made all the modifications described in the link that you indicate to me.
Octopi is installed on a Raspberry pi 3 and when i try to upload a file on SD card or when i try to launch file from Octopi local memory, error is :

_Unexpected error while writing to serial port: IOError: 'Command not supported or recognized' @ comm.py:do_send_without_checksum:3228


What I had to do (this was at my last workplace which had one of those printers) was to physically remove the SD card, put it into my MacBook, add the file(s), eject it and put it back into the Creator Pro.


I think I understood, from octopi :

  • Transfer to the printer sd card: not possible
  • Printing a file from octopi: only in .gcode with the gpx plugin.

Is this correct ?


That was my own limited experience with a work printer which I might have used only a few times (when the boss wasn't watching). :laugh: But I did manage to sneak in a Raspberry Pi/OctoPi test rig, connect it to the printer and monitor a print job from my MacBook. Use a "sneakernet" approach to shuffle files manually via the SD card and you'll definitely need that GPX plugin.

Maybe others here know the printer better than I did. I had to slice in something other than Cura (and certainly not inside OctoPrint) in order to get the correct file type. It was called FlashPrint, btw.


Ok thanks for your help.
So, for me it's really :

  • Transfer to the printer sd card: not possible
  • Printing a file from octopi: ok but only in .gcode with the gpx plugin.

Informations about GPX plugin issue here