FLSUN SR Settings for OctoPrint?

I'm new to the 3D printing community... received my FLSUN Super Racer a few days ago.

I need help in setting up the printer profile in Octoprint, please!

Under "Axes" I'm asked for defining "... the maximum speed/feedrate of the individual axes and whether their control should be inverted or not."
For X,Y,Z and E (by the way: what is axe E ??) I have to provide values in "mm/min".

Please assist: What value do I have to fill in?

Are there any other FLSUN SR related specifications? What do I have to consider else?

Thank you in advance and greetings from Cologne, Germany!

The FLSUN Super Racer is a delta printer so X,Y, and Z are derived from the movement of the three arms attached to the nozzle.

The printer profile in OctoPrint has four tabs. The first names the printer. The second, Print bed & build volume, should be filled in correctly but the answers should be obvious or easily obtained. The third, Axes, is used for manual control and you can leave the default values for now (although a delta printer doesn't have X,Y,Z feed rates so the Z rate might need to set to the same rate as X and Y). The fourth, Hotend & extruder, needs the correct Nozzle Diameter and Number of Extruders. The Default extrusion length you can leave alone for now.

To answer your question about Axes, E is the extruder (i.e. the stepper that feeds the filament.

You should be able to use the OctoPrint Control tab to move the nozzle around. I would first use the printer's control panel to move the nozzle to somewhere in the middle of the range and then you can use small steps on the OctoPrint Control tab to verify that the arrows move the nozzle in the direction that makes sense. If it doesn't make sense, then you may need to check the inverted boxes in the profile. I'm not sure what happens when you hit the "Home" buttons but with one hand on the power button, try them and see what happens. I think "home" is when all three arms are at the top.

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