Freeze, 100% pi3 cpu overload

100% cpu overload and freezes at this fill:
(many count zigzag or lines, short)

What did you already try to solve it?

print at this parts:

Have you tried running in safe mode and if so did it solve the issue?

no effects

Complete Logs


Additional information about your setup

Latest octoprint on octopi, latest klipper, delta diy

Hello @M_M!

Could you plese more exact? Also the Hardware you use

The only errors I see in the log are related to websocket connection being closed and this one very specific error from klipper.

| Recv: // MCU 'mcu' spontaneous restart

I also see your log flooded with 409 API repsponses for printer being disconnected, which is typically an external tool connecting to octoprint like cura (with the OctoPrint connection plugin installed) or OctoDash or something similar.

pi3b, skr e3 mini 2209, uart connection (without usb) short cable, klipper at 250k baud. True power (2A) for pi, 10A 12v for other, bed 220v. No another problem on printer.
force_turbo=1 in cfg. Have radiator and fun for pi, temp <55

have cura with this plugin, have octodash. If octoprint in 100% (>100%) cpu mode, no answers to any.
3-5 seconds freeze always present in fast zigzag fill, as on screenshot link above. Only in this fill, no freezes more.

im try close octodash and chrome with octopi tab, this no effect. Problem only at short lines many count (zigzag, lines fill short distance)

i think, im pressed reset, log a big, and this present in log. Im trying many ways to fix problem and restart mcu after update config.