Fresh Octoprint installation refuses to connect

What is the problem?
I decided to flash octoprint on a new, faster SD card. The old card was very cheap and possibly degrading, plus it was running the Python 2 version of Octoprint so I figured this was a good way to start fresh. After installing Octoprint through the image recommended image burner (which I have used before), Octoprint will not connect over the web interface. I get a IP refused to connect. The router assigned the same IP and device name after the reinstall. I am able to SSH into the Pi.
What did you already try to solve it?
I assigned a different IP address and changed the device name on the router. Based on this post, I tried installing Samba on the PI, updating the Windows host file,
Logs (syslog, dmesg, ... no logs, no support)

Additional information about your network (Hardware you are trying to connect to, hardware you are trying to connect from, router, access point, used operating systems, ...)
I'm using a Google Home mesh network. The Pi is successfully connecting to the home network at 2.4GHz, same as before the new SD card.

Hello @makingthingsCLT !

Do you mean OctoPrint or OctoPi?

If you installed OctoPi, I don't see a need of

To get actual network information of the Pi, you may connect a HDMI TV/monitor to the Pi.
At the end you get the Pi's IP address.

Sorry, yes, OctoPi as in the print server image. I've got the IP address, no problem. It turns up on my router devices list and I can SSH into it no problem. If I try to navigate to it in browser like I would usually to to interface with the web-based controls it fails to connect.

Can you find the octoprint.log from SSH to check it is running OK? It's ~/.octoprint/logs/octoprint.log.

Just to check, you are using just the IP address with no port on the end? I think it's always been the case that the port didn't work out-of-the box for OctoPrint, but the webcam streamer user to be on 8080 which caught a few people out.