Fully integrated Raspberry Pi Octoprint printer solution?

has anyone seen a Raspberry Pi HAT (similar to this one https://blog.protoneer.co.nz/raspberry-pi-cnc-board-hat/) that is supported by Octoprint?

That would be neat for newly built DIY printers, for existing printers w/ a broken motor controller board or for printers where a smoothieboard plus a raspberry pi board are too large in space.

So that specific Pi Hat looks like an arduino nano (or similar) and 3 stepper drivers. I haven't personally seen anything like that, but in theory you could flash marlin on the arduino side (if it fits) and be able to control 3 axes. Unfortunately, you need at least 4 for a printer and enstops/thermistorsm etc. Neat idea though for a compact integrated solution. I did find this project...