G Code Lags when using Octoprint-CR-10S

What is the problem?
When I print a Custom Model or a HI Poly model Octoprint/My Connection lags behind and leaves zits on the surface but when I print the same G Code with SD Card I don't have any problems the print is perfect
FIliment Sensor Bracket v2.zip (82.5 KB)
Printed with the overhang on the bed
What did you already try to solve it?
Tried to switch Different cables I have ordered one with a Farrite bead off amazon to see if that helps but it wont be here till later tomorrow

Logs (octoprint.log, serial.log or output on terminal tab, browser error console ...)
octoprint.log (448.5 KB)
octoprint10-15.log (706.0 KB)

Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, browser, operating system, ...)
PI B3+
OctoPi Version 0.16.0
Printer Cr-10s
Firmware Marlin 1.1.9
Browser Chrome
OS Windows 10
Also using a sand disk MicroSD

Let us know when you've tested with the appropriate serial cable.

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Brand New Cable did not help its a 1.5 foot cable with farite bead
I have a video of this happening also
octoprint Bracket.log (174.4 KB)
Video of the Shuddering happening

Are you suggesting that it lagged when it made that little noise at the end of the video?

Generally, if you hear odd percussive sounds during a print job it's often an indication that something isn't right in the pulleys/belts/motors/end-stops.

No you have to watch the print head when it moves around the tight radius. When you watch it will stop for a couple of miliseconds and when it stops it's still extruding plastic so it leaves a zits or blobs on the surface
If you watch right around the 12 second mark you will see the print head stop for a split second during the printing of that radius

Sorry, but stop-for-a-split-second doesn't strike me as a huge stutter, to be honest. Blobs are usually associated with perhaps 2+ second halts of the hotend. Under that condition, the primed/pressurized hot filament gets to ooze enough to really look terrible. So it could be a lot worse.

Read through these four issues/feature requests on the repository and look at some of those photos, review some of the fixes that people have done. Read this one which is often the fix for people with 8-bit controller boards.

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Well it is a huge Problem because its leaving blobs everytime it stops and thats even with Linear Advance Calibrated so to not have a build up of pressure Its not at where a corner is at so the printer isn't stopping the Ooze and the part looks Terrible and its Dimensions are all oversize so to not fit with the mating piece

This part is perfect when printed with an SD card

I will look into the things you suggested and see if they help