G1 as long running command?

I use big delta printers (D400-600mm powered by raspberry pi3+ /hardware serial/smoothieware boards) and faced with a timeout problems.
for example
G1 X-300
G1 X300
on slow speed ( rubber/flex ) may take much more then 10 seconds.
What I need to set in config.yaml to avoid timeouts?
Do I need to change smoothieware protocol to make it more reliable?

What is best communication protocol for octoprint?

Hi @karabas2011!

You can add G1 as long running command in the settings:
Settings -> Serial Connection -> Firmware & protocol -> Protocol fine tuning -> Advanced options -> Long running commands

Yes, I can. But is it correct way?

It's meant to use it for that purpose.

Actually, in the case of G1 I'd suggest to instead up the timeouts. Even better would be if the firmware followed the busy protocol here and informed the connected host with a busy:processing that there is some long running action going on, but that's not something all firmware variants out there already do.

How can I discover does the smoothieware support this protocol? Where can I get description of the protocol in order to implement?

The only thing that we have in the 3d printing community that comes close to a spec is this wiki page on the reprap wiki. What's not on there you'll have to collect from firmware implementations. Which is btw why this job is so incredibly frustrating some days.