Gcode mixup from startcode and objectcode

What is the problem?

From about 2 weeks ago octoprint behaves strange while mixing up gcode start code scripts and object gcode script from Slicer. Temp is raised earlier as coded in startscript - fan ain´t powerd up as coded in object gcode.

I´m slicing with ideamaker. There are no start end end scripts for the job defined cause I`ve all the start end endcode in octoprint gcode scripts.

The octoprint startscript

  1. powers off all motors and fans
  2. initializes any marlin setting that has not to be hard coded in firmware like PID / TMC Current / Speed / Jerk / Acceleration etc.
  3. prepowers nozzle to 150 and bed to 70 degree with no wait
  4. powers up object fan to 100%
  5. homes and Z-levels axis, does an UBL scan of the bed
  6. powers down object fan, goes to X0,Y0,Z4 and powers nozzle to 220 degree and bed to 70 with wait commands
  7. does intro line
    8 starts gcode print job

Since two weeks this standard routine used for a long time is mixed up in two ways.

  1. even before step 5 (see above) is started nozzle temp is set to nozzle temp from gcode print job file and. This temp can´t be changed - how many 150 degree commands I place in the gcode startcode on whatever position.

  2. the fan is not powered on - even if in sliced gcode there is a layer 2 = 50% and layer 3 = 75% fan power code. This can´t be fixed with fan slider on octoprint control-panel. Only fan settings on LCD display will allow to set the fan power the right way.

What did you already try to solve it?

If i just copy the gcode startcode in terminal window it runs fine and any command works as intended.
Only if I start a real print job this gcode mixup happens.

Disabled preheat plugin and removed it completely - problem stays the same.

This problem only occurs on my multi color head (1 nozzle and 3 extruders). The printer has an easy to change platform with different single color / single nozzle extruder buildup. For this I do have a different installation of octoprint that´s swapped along with the extruder. On this single plattform the code mixup doesn´t take place.

Sliced a version of the stl file in the multi color setup, only using 1 color and removed any tool switching T0 / T1 command from the gcode header as well as any T0 /T1 temp lines from the gcode. gcode mixup still keeps on going...

Complete Logs

octoprint.log, serial.log or output on terminal tab at a minimum, browser error console if UI issue ... no logs, no support! Not log excerpts, complete logs.)


Additional information about your setup

Octoprint Version 1.4.2
raspi 3+


And please also try in safe mode