Gcode re-scanning/analysing on startups

What is the problem?

when you ftp gcode into the upload folder it does an analysis of each file. However it seems to completely re-scan them again after every restart. This is causing restarts to take a significant time and causing laggy responses when first access the web ui after a restart

What did you already try to solve it?

I've looked through the logs and identified it is rescanning the files after each restart. I've looked through the config for a setting to stop this but can't find one

octoprint-systeminfo-20211102185311.zip (19.4 KB)

Systeminfo Bundle



Additional information about your setup

latest 1.7.1 fresh install
pi 3b

log snip

You should be uploading to watch and not upload. If the files on the local filesystem don't match up with the metadata a full scan is run. IIRC

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You should be uploading to watch and not upload

What do you mean?

meta data

Yes thats what i thought so i deleted tbe meta data file let it rescan ovet night tnen rebooted and it starts the scan again.

The reason ive ftp'd a loaf of files is i had to reinstall octoprobt as it kept dailing to update from 1.6 due to me still having py2. Went for fresh intstall and just copied tje gcode files back over

You can change these paths in settings.

  • What path do you currently have set for uploads?
  • Can you run ls -la /path/to/uploads and come back with the result. (Obviously use the path discovered above)

My path for uploads is /home/pi/.octoprint/uploads

I've not changed these from the standard setting

This is the result of the listing using al to show the hidden meta file

I put my gcode in the upload folder as that's where they were on the old build. what's the watched folder for?

The output there looks cut off.

The watched directory has been there for a while. It's specifically for uploading outside of OctoPrint/OctoPrint API. Once a file is placed there OctoPrint will detect, analyze, and move to uploads.

Yes i've just read that in the doc link you sent me. Thank you. I'm going to delete all my uploads and then re-ftp into the watched folder and let it scan and move over. It's been a while since i manually transferred anything over as i normally upload directly via cura.

Thank you for your help - I'll mark as solved if this fixes it :slight_smile:

Yep seems much better this time. It's still scanning odd files on reboot but not everyone

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