gCode to move nozzle at the center of anet a8 bed

Anyone can help figure out the command to put in gcode to just move my nozzle after g28 at the center of the bed on anet a8 ?

Hello @ELment!

I don't know the size of the Anet A8 bed, but this may help you: https://reprap.org/wiki/G-code

bed is 220x220

Ok i figured it out.
For anet a8 if you want to get bed level on exact points use this :

Center G0 X110 Y110 F1500
Left Bottom Corner G0 X30 Y20 F1500
Left Upper Corner G0 X30 Y180 F1500
Right Upper Corner G0 X195 Y180 F1500
Right Bottom Corner G0 X195 Y10 F1500

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For anyone reading along, it looks like you're offsetting the left side by 30mm, the back of the print bed by 20mm, the front of the print bed by 25 and the right side by 30mm.

Left/back         G0 X0   Y0
Right/back        G0 X220 Y0
Right/front       G0 X220 Y220
Left/front        G0 X0   Y220

Yea. Normal Anet bed position with standard endstops. No autobed yet