GCODE viewer legend?

Hello, I'm trying to find the legend for the symbols used in the GCODE viewer, but could not locate it in the documentation. Thanks!

If you're talking about the endpoints of each movement, I'd guess that the color of those are probably differentiated by whether it's either G0 or G1. The color of the line segments themselves are likely differentiated as well whether or not extrusion is happening.

I'm not entirely sure how this works in the code, to be honest. Okay, I think I get it now.

It looks like the line, as printed, by up to five different tool heads would be seen from the colors in that first array. So for most people with a single extruder, that's black.

So moves (G0) then are green. Retractions are seen as red. Changing from retraction to extrusion is blue. I'm guessing that "head" here means the circle at the beginning of lines and would be some shade of green.

        colorLine: ["#000000", "#3333cc", "#cc3333", "#33cc33", "#cc33cc"],
        colorMove: "#00ff00",
        colorRetract: "#ff0000",
        colorRestart: "#0000ff",
        colorHead: "#00ff00",
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Thanks! A legend on the page itself would be a welcome improvement, at least for new users like me.

Feel free to make a Feature Request on the repository if you think this will help others.