GCode Viewer showing individual lines instead of whole layers

What is the problem?

G-Code Viewer when running a print (or previewing) is showing individual executions instead of the whole layer for me. This started happening with the release of 1.10.

What did you already try to solve it?

Adjusted slicer settings, scrolled through settings in octoprint, but couldn't find anything relevant

Have you tried running in safe mode?


Did running in safe mode solve the problem?


Systeminfo Bundle


can download this in OctoPrint's System Information dialog ... no bundle, no support!)

octoprint-systeminfo-20240504150550.zip (109.3 KB)

Additional information about your setup

OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, browser, operating system, ... as much data as possible

OctoPrint V: 1.10
OctoPi V: N/A running build on old desktop, seeing issue across all platforms. (octoprint web browser on multiple computers, phone, octoeverywhere, etc)
Printer: Anycubic Kobra Plus, upgraded with Wabbitguy's custom firmware, rebuilt for an E3D Revo 6 printhead

This is an example of the code I'm using. This has verbose turned on because I was trying to track out what could be causing it. I've also uploaded a version with verbose turned off.

Hello @Devon_Truscott !

Are you printing in vase-mode?

No, I'm not printing in vase mode.

Have you seen these settings?


Could you share the gcode file? The Google drive link does not work here - you can upload it to the forum just like the system info bundle.

I have, they do not rectify the situation

Yes, It won't let me add directly to the site, as it's larger than 4mb, but here is a we-transfer link

I wanted to add that the first layer shows the whole layer fine, but any layer after that causes the gcode viewer to only show one small segment at a time.

It does look like this is a print that is sliced in "vase" or "spiralize" mode. The z-coordinate, after the 1st layer, is continuously increasing. I managed to access your google drive, link, and an example section of the file AKMAX_blade_5h52m.gcode:

;TYPE:Outer wall
G1 F2214.346
G1 X46.795 Y130.624 ; move inwards before retraction/seam
G1 X46.795 Y130.624 Z.2 F7200 ; move to first perimeter point travel_to_xyz
G1 F1199.997
G1 X47.506 Y131.63 Z.201 E.00017 ; perimeter
G1 X48.306 Y131.63 Z.202 E.00018 ; perimeter
G1 X60.265 Y131.63 Z.21 E.01899 ; perimeter
G1 X61.065 Y131.63 Z.211 E.00134 ; perimeter
G1 X61.865 Y131.63 Z.212 E.00142 ; perimeter
G1 X73.825 Y131.63 Z.221 E.03739 ; perimeter
G1 X74.625 Y131.63 Z.221 E.00257 ; perimeter
G1 X75.425 Y131.63 Z.222 E.00265 ; perimeter
G1 X87.384 Y131.63 Z.231 E.05578 ; perimeter
G1 X88.184 Y131.63 Z.231 E.0038 ; perimeter
G1 X88.984 Y131.63 Z.232 E.00388 ; perimeter
G1 X100.943 Y131.63 Z.241 E.07418 ; perimeter
G1 X101.743 Y131.63 Z.241 E.00504 ; perimeter
G1 X102.543 Y131.63 Z.242 E.00511 ; perimeter
G1 X114.502 Y131.63 Z.251 E.09258 ; perimeter
G1 X115.302 Y131.63 Z.252 E.00627 ; perimeter
G1 X116.102 Y131.63 Z.252 E.00634 ; perimeter
G1 X128.061 Y131.63 Z.261 E.11098 ; perimeter
G1 X128.861 Y131.63 Z.262 E.0075 ; perimeter
G1 X129.661 Y131.63 Z.262 E.00757 ; perimeter
G1 X141.621 Y131.63 Z.271 E.12939 ; perimeter
G1 X142.421 Y131.63 Z.272 E.00873 ; perimeter
G1 X143.221 Y131.63 Z.272 E.0088 ; perimeter
G1 X155.18 Y131.63 Z.281 E.14778 ; perimeter
G1 X155.98 Y131.63 Z.282 E.00996 ; perimeter

It doesn't look like a typical vase/spiralize mode print - it still has flat infill, but then the outer perimeters are continuous rather than being drawn in layers.

The gcode viewer shows a new 'layer' for each z coordinate that it sees. This is why you'll see only a few moves on each layer.

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Gotcha. I wonder if OrcaSlicer is doing that because of new "scarf joint seams" feature, or maybe the "wipe on loops"?

I will have to do some testing after my current print is done. ::

After I did some testing, I discovered it's OrcaSlicer's "Scarf Joint" feature. What it does is over a pre-determined amount of steps, increase the z-axis around a perimeter. This is why there's the super super incremental increase in Z (0.001) over the perimeter.

Such a headache for such little gains.

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Aaaah makes sense

I will let @foosel know about it, but as @Charlie_Powell - this is how the viewer is designed and it works as intended. Nobody thought of such a feature back then.