Get to Raspi-Config from Octoprint Desktop

My camera on my Pi is not working. Is there a way to get into raps-config from the Octoprint Desktop?

Use the "sudo raspi-config" command from the shell prompt, either directly logged in on the pi or via SSH.

Thanks. I have tried SSH and am getting denied access. When I turn on the pi I am already in octoprint desktop and can't find a place to enter the sudo raspi-config command.

When you ssh, are you specifying the "pi" user? So, something like: ssh -l pi octopi.local

I got caught like that once before - it was defaulting to "me" as the user and so it wouldn't take my password for the "pi" user (obviously).

Tried it and got the same permission denied. Is there a setting in octoprint that I have to set to allow ssh access? Is there a way to get into the command prompts from the Octoprint desktop?

Honestly, I'm not sure what the "Octoprint desktop" is; I'm only familiar with the Octoprint web interface.

If you can't get ssh working by specifying the login name you may need to hook your pi up to a keyboard and monitor so you can login directly. Either way you need shell access so you can execute that command.

I guess I meant the web interface. I will try the direct approach that you suggested. Thanks so so much!