Getting "broken" cam to work with OctoPi

Camera model
Konyks Camini Max

What is the problem?
Not recognised

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OctoPi 0.18.0
OctoPrint 1.5.3

So i just picked up the above cam through my cellphone provider and i want to use it as a usb cam as i couldn't get any officially supported cam that supposedly had auto-switching to night-vision (for overnight timelapses) to work with OctoPi. It's currently not listed when i connect to octopi via ssh and enter lsusb.

I probably need to change that file for "broken devices". Can anyone guide me through hopefully getting this device to work?

Does the cam even work via usb?
If it only supports wifi you have to find out the stream url and which kind of stream it uses.

I initially bought it for a different purpose i can still use it for, it's usb powered at the very least and probably a wifi cam. Setup in the "Tuya Smart Life" app? When i open the video stream for the camera i see a brief message of "accessing encrypted video channel" or something. So there is a video stream url in some degree. Just need to find out what. I'm also open to any suggestions about an actual webcam that has auto-nightvision switch. Bought multiple so far and had to return each and every one as they didn't do what they said they do. same not found problem, didn't auto-switch night vision supposedly has IR night vision, didn't work. IR leds too damn weak and picture was pitch black. Useless same thing, IR cut didn't engage, difficult to focus, video lagged behind actual situation

Currently using a Sandberg USB Webcam Pro (per officially supported cams) but that one doesn't have night vision. So i need to setup a lamp to the printer to monitor overnight prints (and timelapses that arent pitch black). Is it really that hard to find a USB camera that works with the Pi 4B and has auto-swiching nightvision that actually works?

If it's Tuya smart life, you won't get it to work. Yes, the stream is encrypted, and everything from Tuya, because it's for home automation, goes direct to the Tuya servers to be accessed by their app only. Same with their smart plugs and smart bulbs.

Why not use a simple usb webcam plugged into whatever you are running OctoPrint on?

If you are looking for a camera with nightvision auto-switching, if you are running OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi, this one does it. I have one in my house, not for OctoPrint, but it works great.

Only problem is, the IR LEDs are on all the time, so it will get quite hot if left on for long periods of time. Also, it is quite power hungry. Your timelapses with night vision are never going to look as good as it would if you had the room under normal lighting though, especially if the background lights go on and off.

Then that's the wrong camera. I said auto night vision. As in toggles the night vision dinner on in low light when it needs to, and disabled it again in normal daylight. I have 4 wifi home security cameras that do it, i need/want a usb one that does the same and it's compatible with the pi4/octoprint.

That is exactly what that camera does. You cannot use a Wifi camera that has proprietary software with OctoPrint. But there is nothing that says you have to use the webcam interface inside octoprint to view the camera. You could just use the native Tuya app. But the limitations you are talking about are because of the camera, not octoprint.

Well me op you'll de i already looked such a camera i tried. Didn't do a damn thing, and video was pitch black.

I have the exact same camera and it works fine. Maybe you were using it wrong. Regardless, being nasty won't get you help. Good luck.

I'm not nasty, I'm just saying what happened. Don't see how I could be using it wrong. Attached the 2 pieces with the IR leds to the lense piece, attached the camera cable and attach it to the pi, and turned off the lights.

Couldn't see a damn thing on the octopi camera tab

You could try the Wyze Cam V2. There is a semi supported RTSP firmware that would allow you to stream to OctoPrint. It has Auto Night vision which is very good and they are pretty cheap.

There is also OpenMiko firmware:

I'm not to comfortable with flashing custom firmware on webcams (let alone have the knowlegde/tools to do it). Flashing a custom rom on my Google tablets/phones is one thing, that's easily done. Webcams is a whole different ballgame.

I'd rather have something "plug & play". Doesn't have to be cheap stuff.

Flashing OpenMiko is easier than updating your 3D printer firmware, and that is easy too...

Auto night vision cameras are rare (edit: USB cameras that work with RPi, there's lots of security cams that do this), so you are asking for a fair amount to find someone using one who will recommend it, and then dismissing any suggested solutions very quickly. Just my opinion looking in on this thread :man_shrugging:

You're assuming i have the skills and knowledge to do so. I have my CR-10 Max now for a whopping 2.5 months, i'm still learning in babysteps. I know there's a lot of webcams that do this, i said that in the very first post. I'll look at it, it's just that buying something new (like that Wyze cam) and then immediately flashing custom firmware in the hopes that it'll work with OctoPi is just not something i feel comfortable with. If anything goes wrong, i can kiss any warranty goodbye.

Now i still have that which supposedly is a Rpi compatible camera with IR-Cut (auto engage/disengage) nightvision filter. I have NO idea why it isn't working for me. In daylight it's fine, no light = black video NOT the greyscale i SHOULD be getting.

For what its worth, with the Wyze cam the "custom" firmware is produced by Wyze themselves and consists of copying a file to a microsd card and holding a button while plugging the cam in. And I can attest to it working without issue.

totally forgot about this topic since i didn't get any more responses to my last post. Any chance anyone can post a comparison picture of it with and without nightvision enabled? I'd like to know before i import one from the US to the EU (they don't seem to be available here) THE big factor here is i NEED/WANT it to auto-switch the IR filter ON/OFF as is needed. If it doesn't do that, then it's useless to me.

If it does, is it just plug and play setupwise? anything special i need to do in the config txt file and octoprint GUI itself?