Getting Octo Pi to automatically start on Raspberry Pi 4 4gb

First thank you for helping me. I am not sure if this is in the right category as it is I think more of a programing thing but I'll start here first.

The problem:
I have installed the latest version of Octo Pi (imager 1.7.5) on my Raspberry Pi 4 4gb and want to have it automatically start running the server on power up instead of having to manually start it.

What I have done tried to find the information:
I already tried Looking on the Internet, You Tube and here to find the information. I have 4 printers that I want to run on it all configured properly and can access them on .local but have to start Octo Pi after power up.

Yes, I tried safe mode:
I tried running in safe mode has nothing to do with it as it makes no difference.?

My configuration:
Installed the latest version of Octo Pi (imager 1.7.5).
The device is Raspberry Pi 4 4gb
The printers are a Ender 3 Pro, CR-10S, Tronxy XY 2, and a Viper.

Thanks again.

It should start the server automatically

How do you start it right now?

What version actually? Version numbers can change quickly.

OctoPi is the name of a customized operating system for a Raspberry Pi. It has both a version number and a build number (because there are currently two flavors). Please supply both to make it perfectly clear what image is being discussed.

OctoPrint is the name of a Python 3 application / server that communicates with a 3D printer via USB. It also has a version number which should be supplied when being discussed.

Typically, OctoPi contains one copy of the OctoPrint server and it starts it automatically. It is possible to run more than one copy of OctoPrint on a single Raspberry Pi (running OctoPi) but if this is your configuration, you will need to provide significantly more detail on how you arrived at your configuration. The more details you give us, the better help we can give you.


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