Google vs Safari

OctoPrint runs fine on both Google and Safari....maybe a little quicker on Google. But when I connect with Google I get a "Not Secure" warning on the address line. No such warning on Safari. Why and how do I fix this as I prefer Google.

Or please direct me to right place for help. Thanks,

First things first, Google is a websearch engine and website. Being a big company, they make other stuff like the Chrome browser. I'm guessing that you're referring to the Chrome browser here.

So when you visit your OctoPrint instance using http://something then this is technically insecure. If you were on the Internet rather than locally, your browser could let you know that some evil hacker could see the information you're sending/receiving to your printer.

And yet, you're NOT on the Internet. You're on your own local network and your browser should really be quiet when it comes to stupid warnings like this. Presumably, you're not in a coffee shop, you decide who gets to be on your own local network and this warning from your Google-controlled browser is just wrong. It's the "Chicken Little" of all warnings. The sky is not falling. Things are okay.

Why do they do this? Because Google wants everybody to visit all websites over https (encrypted) instead. So they're being bullies and making all the new users believe that things aren't safe if they're not https. And yet, why do they do this? I could guess but I'm just going to chock this up to Google-is-playing-some-fear-game for unknown reasons.


Many Thanks OutsourcedGuru. And yes, I was referring to the web browser. This Noob feels much better and I will go back to using Google for Octoprint!