Got very large values for Approx. Total Print Time and Filament when using Octoprint with ideaMaker

What is the problem?

I tried to make a print using ideaMaker and Prusa i3MK3S+. For a print that takes about an hour, I got:

Filament (Tool 0): 773085.58m
Approx. Total Print Time: 2151:45:19

What is wrong?

I have DisplayLayerProgress, PrintTimeGenius Plugin, Printer Dialogs, Printer Notifications, Themeify, UI Customizer and not sure why Virtual Printer installed.

You forgot to include logs and everything else from the template.


2131 seconds is about half an hour. (45 seconds is less than 1 minute.)

But I've never gotten accurate estimates (and I'm running Marlin 2.0.8 on a Creality CR10, so it's probably not Octoprint). My last print said about 14 hours and it took about 11.

I'm afraid this value:

is in hours:minutes:seconds

I've seen the time listed in seconds somewhere (don't ask me where - I stopped remembering things I don't need back around when I turned 70), and dividing the first number by 3600 (and the second by 60, of course) always came close (as close as Marlin does, which isn't "good enough for government work"). If he's getting 2151 hours, he must have a print speed of a fraction of a mm/min. I've printed things with 2000 layers that took almost the entire 310X310 bed, and I haven't yet seen a print that took as long as a week.

Exactly! You are right. 2151 hours!