Gpio channel not configured

What is the problem?
gpio of orangepi zero 2 not working becaus gpio channel 75 is not configured
What did you already try to solve it?
from my perspective almost everything
Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, what kind of hardware precisely, ...)

Hello @Joost_de_Jong !

Maybe on a Orange Pi board they will know more?

what do you mean?

I mean: On a Orange Pi support board/forum/you name it they usually are more familiar with issues like that.

on a forum on this site or a orange pi webpage forum or something?

A google search gave this for example.

The problem is:

Besides you are using an Orange Pi 2 zero and that you have a problem with channel 75, we do not know nothing.

You even do not tell what OctoPrint version you use and what plugin you have problems with.

oke, here is some extra information:
octoprint version 1.9.0
orange pi zero 2
problems with de plugin: psu control, i already downloaded the opi.gpio plugin for orange pi"s
the log tells me that there is an problem with the channel not being configured, i have no idea how to configure a channel, that's te reason why i have come to this site.

im using port pc11 on the pi, after some rechearch on the internet i know its gpio pin 75 if im correct, ive tried the readall comment but it didnt work, i think ist because i havent downloaded the wiringop software

You may have a look on this thread:

i already have, but it also didnt work for me, its because the problem isnt the same, my problem is the line not being configured, and his problem was the premission to acces the gpio pins

ok, ive done some more rechearch, and im doing everything from the user pi
do i need to be on an other user to make changes that actually do anything?

You are really quite thrifty with information on what you are doing (more research), what you want to achieve (doing everything) and in what you need help (make changes).

i dont think i can get my answers here, thanks for the help.