GPIO pins not working on raspberry pi 3b

GPIO pins not working on raspberry pi 3b

I have the Alfawise U20

At least you provided the octoprint.log. I would guess that it would be helpful next time not to delete the post template which asked you to describe what you were doing, etc. Remember this (you deleted it)?

**What is the problem?**

**What did you already try to solve it?**

**Additional information about your setup** (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, `octoprint.log`, `serial.log` or output on terminal tab, ...)

What we're missing here is which plugin you're trying to use. I could try to play Sherlock Holmes from your log and deduce that it's the PSU Control plugin. Or maybe it's the RGB Status plugin that's not working.

We don't know if you're using GPIO pin 4, 18, 23 for your power supply since you haven't told us. You haven't told us what your Settings page looks like.

The repository for the PSU Control plugin has links to configuring it and troubleshooting it.

2019-03-09 01:34:13,987 - octoprint.plugins.rgb_status - ERROR - ws2811_init failed with code -13 (Unable to initialize SPI)

Did you follow the instructions for the RGB Status plugin? It indicates that it has to be plugged into the correct pin for that to work as well as some configuration changes for SPI.

I've found this to be helpful. BCM = GPIO