GPIO10 already in use | run octoprint as root? & how?

What is the problem?

The SPI GPIO-Pin "10" is already in use (Touchscreen)
In order to use the "RGB Status" plugin, i would need to connect the data pin to GPIO10, or run octoprint as root (to use another GPIO Pin)

What did you already try to solve it?

Tried to add the "pi" user to "gpio"-Group -> already is.
I tried to run octoprint as root, but I am not really sure how to do so.

Hello @Hasinator!

SPI is a bus system ( You should be able to connect both to pin 10.

Thank you for your quick response

I tried connecting both to pin 10 -> didn't work
Tried another RaspberryPi with no touchscreen driver installed -> works

conclusion: connecting both to pin 10 doesn't work

According to the Wiki I linked, you may put the links in serial.


RaspiMosi -> TouchscreenMosi | TouchscreenMiso -> LED-DataIn | LED-DataOut -> RaspiMiso
= doesn't work (LED & Touchscreen)

RaspiMosi -> TouchscreenMosi & LED-DataIn | TouchscreenMiso & LED-DataOut -> RaspiMiso
= doesn't work (LED & Touchsceen)

RaspiMosi -> TouchscreenMosi & LED-DataIn | TouchscreenMiso -> RaspiMiso
= doesn't work (LED) -> Touchscreen works


I didn't get the Neopixels working in series with the touchscreen.

I did get octoprint running as root though:

  • mounted the octopi sd card (on another pi or any linux machine)
  • edited the /etc/sudoers file (passwordless sudo)
  • edited the /etc/default/octoprint file:

Maybe someone can use these instructions.
Please note that this might be a security issue!

additional info:

  • connected LED-DataIn to Pin 21 (BCM)
  • i am using a level shifter (3,3V to 5V)
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Hi i have the same problem.

But how du i find this files to edit?

Best regards


I have the same problem. How many can help me?
I can't find the file to edit

The better question: why do you need to do it? Running OctoPrint as root is not recommended.

Hi Charlie

if we use a screen that use the most of the gpio´s pin then we need to use gpio 13 or 21, the I understand we need to run as root to be able to access this gpio pins