Grams in "State"-section

Is there an option i have overseen that let me see the needed filament weight on the particular print?
At the moment it shows the needed lenght and volume:

I would like to add the weight too.... (124.3 KB)

OctoPrint version 1.8.6 , OctoPi version 0.18.0, Ender 3, 2.x.x

The problem I see is, you have to change the density of the filament you use to calculate the correct weight.
And that with every spool change.

Well, i hoped the is a parameter provided by the slicer to tell octoprint the value.
Where did the length and cm³ come from?
The only thing which seems relevant to me inside the gcode is this:
filament_density = 1.27

That implies that you provide the values to the slicer.
But every slicer puts this value into the gcode file in a different way.
But I'm sure, this could be done with a plugin.

That is calculated from the amount of the filament that is used.

Thx mate.
So i will going on with the values provided and maybe put the weight of the jobs in an excel or something....

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short folowup:
i think this will do the job

Will just give it a try...

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This should be relatively simple to estimate from the length of filament used. A 1 Kg spool of 1.75 mm filament is approximately 335 M length, so a quick estimate is very close to 3 gm / meter length.

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