GUI goes to login screen and loops

What is the problem? I installed the GUI desktop interface and unfortunately I had it auto start on boot. I get the debian10 login screen, enter my pi login and it acts like it's logging in and then loops back to login. I'm assuming it's my pi login but I also tried my octoprint credentials and anything I could think of. Everything other than my pi credentials tells me it's incorrect while the pi credentials just loops. I put another sd card in the pi and changed the config to boot do console instead of desktop but it still boots to the GUI. I can't do anything with it from the connected screen/keyboard/mouse because I can't get a terminal screen. I can still connect to Octoprint remotely to print and stuff so that's good but the local screen is useless now. Any ideas before I re-flash the card? THanks in advance!

I did try rebooting in safe mode.

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