GUI on local OctoPi?

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What is the easiest way to get a Graphic User Interface on the OctoPi (Rasberry Pi 3B) ?

I would like to be able to connect keyboard, mouse and screen to my OctoPi, so I can control the printer using that instead of the printers UI.
I do plan to use wifi as everybody else when I'm in my office.
As I understand it, OctoPi does not come with a GUI installed by default, so what is the easiest way to get that installed.
P.s. I have not yet installed the OctoPi, I'm doing some research and planning so I hopefully get it right the first time.:slight_smile:

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Easiest way I think is to install a web brouser, and open it pointing to local ip address.

So far thats correct, when you ssh into your OctoPi you get following "hint":

This image comes without a desktop environment installed because it's not 
required for running OctoPrint. If you want a desktop environment you can 
install it via
sudo /home/pi/scripts/install-desktop

I think I found the solution, here:
And in this Google thread they tell how to install the GUI on Octopi (last entry):

Can I do that without installing a GUI first ?

Use the Search feature here to look for "kiosk". There's at least two threads where I've described how to do this.