Have detachable webcam view sit on top of other apps & screens

I really like that you can now "detach" the webacam view and move it around the Octoprint page.

Is there any way to have the detached webcam view be "always on top" so that I can always keep an eye on troublesome prints even when I am in a different browser tab or a different app without having to go back to the browser tab running Octoprint?

I am using Windows11

Try UI Customizer :slight_smile:

Oops didn't read the complete post.

Hm one option would be to just open the webcam stream in vlc player - I think it got an always on top option

The URL is

That's a reasonable suggestion.
Just was wondering if there is any feature within the browser that could do this automagically

This is normally called 'picture in picture' for watching videos. The only way to do this within browsers is to have a stream that uses a video tag. The normal mjpg stream does not support this.

If you use OctoPi with the 'new camera stack', or install 'camera-streamer' yourself and get the h264 streams from there, I've got an (unreleased) plugin that allows you to view these streams, and it has a PiP button.

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i use opera browser and an extension called cctv view ,but i dont think you can pin it open , although if you click one of the streams it opens in anothjer tab so i suppose you could have the tabs open