Hdmi output dashboard

What is the problem?

wanting to get dashboard to display full screen on boot to a non touchscreen hdmi output.

What did you already try to solve it?

i had desktop installed and would open chromium and go though the steps to get is loaded but it was a little more hassle than i want. all i want it to do is when i boot up it will load into the fullscreen dash board view. i have a 13inch display that i am using. any insight would be great. also i am fairly new to the linux thing. i can ssh and all just dont know all the codes needed to get to do want i want with out the keyboard and mouse hooked up. i hope im not confusing anyboddy here. thanks

Since OctoPrint's UI runs in the browser, this is the only solution - to open Chromium etc.

You could look into OctoDash or OctoScreen (or probably other 3rd party interfaces) that might be more lightweight. But as far as running dashboard plugin goes, you have to use the browser.