Help adding to config.yaml

So I am trying to control a non-TP-Link smart plug with the IFTTT plugin. The plugin works to turn the smart plug on when the print starts. But it doesn't work when the print finishes to turn the plug off.

In order to avoid melting my PTFE tube, I send and M81 command to the printer after the hotend has cooled to 48 degrees which should trigger the event "PowerOff". However, this doesn't happen.

I finally found the config.yaml file and it doesn't seem to contain any of the events that I found here

I don't understand everything that I need to add to the yaml file to be able to add an event. would I just type it like this:

enabled: True
-event: PowerOff
type: gcode


Spacing is very specific with yaml config files. Assuming you have an external python file your running to signal ifttt, you would use something like this to trigger that command when M81 is sent.

  enabled: True
  - event: PowerOff
    command: python ~/
    type: system

It really depends on how you are sending the command to ifttt.

I am not as familiar with the ifttt plugin, but it Appears to have a script already go grab those events.

The external python file is what I am confused about. Any ideas?