Help i got my hands on the zero 2

With the no availalble 3-4 Rasperry in the US I would like to use it to run my printer but i have no clue where to start. I was able to snag 1 of the last 2 Zero 2s when i heard they would work back a few months. Now im at a point i think i have learned the printer enough but would love to upgrade to octoprint. I have the zero2w and the rasperry 5v/2.5A adapter. What else do i need? Where can i find them. And most important i know it works but does it work well?

Hello @Vancro !

All you need now is a good USB cable for the connection of the Zero to the printer and then download the image of OctoPi:

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Thank you!! I have a usb and micro sd on the front and a usb-b on the side. Its an Artillery SidewinderX2 it came with a usb-b to USB. I bet i need the usb-b to usb-c cord? I need to replace the usb port on the front it is working at the moment but one of the little plastic fingers broke and i need to replace. Hoping i can just resolder at usb port to it as it contains both micro sd and usb ports and the touchscreen if you replace the whole part. But would connecting to the B port be the right connection to the printer?

There are some YouTube guides on this:

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Thank You very Much!

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