Help me please ı dont fix

Camera modelv1.3

What is the problem? hello i have raspberry pi 4b and ender 3 pro and i bought camera v1.3 but when the printer starts to move the camera does not display (bruises on camera) properly what could be the reason thanks in advance

Hi :slight_smile:

I'm not quite sure what you mean.
Do you mean you get artifacts? Could you upload a screenshot of your problem?
Does this only happen when the printer is printing or all the time (like when you wave your hand in front of the cam)?
Did you try it on another browser / device?
How is the pi connected to your home network? (wifi / lan)

My english so bad and ı use trasnlate
When the printer is ready for printing, the image is normal, but when it starts to print, that is, when the motors move, the image is distorted.

Standby printer camera normal work but step motors move table camera image gettimg worse

No problem at all :slight_smile:

I see.
It seems like some kind of electromagnetic interference issue.

There are different things you could try:

  • try relocating the cam / cam cable so that it is as far away from the stepper and stepper cables as possible
  • try to shield the cam cable - for example wrap some aluminum foil around it and fixate it with a piece of tape
  • try to use a shorter cable