Help please, trying to hook up a 7” touchscreen for printer is going badly!


So....oops! I accidentally downloaded the touchui interface addon on my PC & now would like to go back to the original desktop version however cannot see just how to go about doing so. I was originally trying to install the plugin on a 7” touchscreen which I added to the raspberry setup, as it is currently displaying a desktop, (curiously this desktop is lacking settings features I see others have online like anything internet, browser, etc...) but did not have any interface screen for controlling the attached printer. Octopi I already had working (on all other devices, & I love it!) however never managed to get the screen dedicated to this particular printer up and running with a user interface. Is there a way to get the desktop version back on my laptop and how exactly is the proper way of getting the 7” display up & running?!?
Sorry if a little much, I am a lost beginner...


Can't help with the small touch screen, but on your laptop you should be able to click on touchui's menu (3 lines, top right) -> touchui settings, and toggle it off.


Thanks so much for that, should have paid a little bit more attention before diving into forums, yes. Gots it now. Also solved my other problem with the lcd display, was just missing a web browser, assumed that it came with the Raspbian-Octo, u know what they say aboot assuming