Help SandTable running Octoprint

Just finished building my own Sandtable.
Running Raspberry PI 3A+ and Shield CNC 3V.
All with latest software updates.
Octoprint with Plugin Better GRBL support.

Working fine, but randomly it receive like bellow and just stop printing....
Any suggestion how to solve`?

Send: G1 X184.006 Y176.577
Recv: ok
Send: G1 X175.117 Y144.489
Recv: ok
Send: G1 X122.000 Y129.500
Recv: ok
Send: G1 X173.094 Y113.630
Recv: ok
Send: G1 X180.916 Y76.716
Recv: ok
Send: G1 X224.178 Y102.395
Recv: ok
Send: G1 X288.379 Y95.115
Recv: ok
Send: G1 X259.500 Y129.500
Recv: k

does it just stop the transmission at the k and doesn't send anything else?

Yes exactly.
Always just end with the ”k”, could be after 1min or 5min, very randomly

I suspect it's a broken response, as it should be like the others and be a complete ok like the other lines.

Which firmware are you using?

I suspect GRBL.

Yeah but maybe a fork for sandtables with bugs in it :person_shrugging:

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Octoprint: Version 1.8.7
Better Grbl Support (2.3.1rc2)

I guess Better grbl support is just to remove the hello command....

2pcs Separate power supply 5V 2.5A to both Raspberry and CNC Shield.
USB cable is the one I got with CNC, quite big and fat.