Help setting up pi in apartment with community wifi. Ethernet connection

I just moved into my new apartment and I'm trying to set up octopi. The wifi where I live is unsecured but you have to login once (imagine it like a McDonalds). I figured I would just use a lan cable to work around it but I cannot access my pi at all, whether it be through octopi.local, bonjour, or putty. Since I am considered a guest I cannot go into my settings and check its ip address

I've reflashed the card, watched many videos over fixes, but cannot get it to work. I've commented all settings from my previous network. I've tried using the host name to connect (I've tried "raspberrypi" and "octopi") And I've double checked and unplugged and replugged in everything I can think of.

I'm using the rpi 4b and an ender 5 pro.

Are you sure that the network does not have network isolation turned on? Most public wifi has it set up so that devices on the network cannot talk to each other. That prevents people from hacking their neighbors' pcs. But it will also prevent you from accessing Octoprint. Do you know what IP your Pi is being assigned? Trying pinging it from the command prompt on your pc. If you can't ping it, it's a network problem.

This is more than likely the exact problem.

Never thought about doing that. I'll give it a go. Thanks a bunch fellas.

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