Help to fight the Corona Crisis using your 3D printer

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Some links to Swedish resources.and projects.

St Louis, MO area (via twitter reply):

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Here are some more links for Sweden:

Here are a list of the current needs for each region:

Hey, Astroprint is launching today a software to organize 3D printing community response to medical facilities protection need. If you want to support join the program:
Hope that will help!
Stay safe,

A more generic link for those who don't use facebook:

If you're in PA. Join us @ We have 900 face shields on order and can use all the help we can get.

In Denmark we got [] (Makers Against Corona) making faceshields that are approved for in-hospital use.

In France:

I think it works also for the French speaking part of Switzerland (but there is currently no need in this country so far) and Belgium.

Canada in the Waterloo, Ontario region

Also, a reminder you can use spare CPU and GPU cycles with Folding@Home by installing a small program. We have an OctoPrint 'team' to show how much effort has been contributed.

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In New Zealand we have co-ordinating the making and delivery of the Prusa Face Shield. The program is well establish across the country and more the merrier!

In Poland we have also many groups. I'm member of masovian group:

To all this I would ask everyone to reach out to your local health departments, governors, etc in the hope of getting them to reclassify maker spaces as essential businesses. If the maker spaces open up then people can go there and print/cnc/cut masks/ventilators and related parts. Most people don't actually own laser cutters and CNC machines in their homes; we visit maker spaces for this sort of stuff. Sheltering-in-place doesn't allow half of what we do.

[This is my own opinion, of course.]

This is a nice Italian project for a 3D printable adapter to use common snorkeling masks as emergency ventilator masks:

Face mask and shields being produced in the Seattle Area.

In UK also

USA-MD, making faceshield parts through

It is so awesome to see the 3D printing community is working together to help the world fight COVID-19.

Thousands of TSD users are also banding together to share resources and match demands/supplies:

TSD is pitching in 2000 hours or 2 free unlimited months for whoever doing anything to fight COVID-19 (disclaimer: I'm the developer of TSD).

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Great, I began also to be a maker for in France :slight_smile: