Help with conf cam module v2.1

I installed the latest octopi 0.15.1, all working fine with a usb webcam from logitech.
Now I purched a pi cam v2.1, this will not work on the octopi.
I am still learning how everthing works but I cannot find a tutorial/instructions how to setup a pi cam on the octopi image? can anyone help me out here?

I did a write-up of the Pi NoIR camera, v2 as sold by Adafruit. The part you want involves running sudo raspi-config and turning on the camera features in the firmware itself and rebooting.

I just received my new cam version1, installed on my octopi and it works, so the question is my 2.1 version cam broken or do I need to do something extra to get it working?.
I already used the ribben from the version1 cam just to be sure if it's not a ribbon issue. still the same issue :frowning:

Things We Know:

  • Both ribbons appear to work
  • The v1 webcam appears to work
  • The v2.1 webcam does not appear to work

Assuming that you plugged the cable in perfectly in the "doesn't work" test, then it's starting to feel like that webcam is bad.

v2.1 example
v2. example

Oh... this is telling:

"I thought it would be fun to run the same tests on the new Pi cameras that I did on the original one back in May 2013.

[Here's the part you should pay attention to...] Unfortunately my first Pi camera 2.1 was faulty so I had to wait an extra day before I could do it. (It’s the first time out of about 50 Raspberry Pi products that I have ever had a faulty one.)

But now here are the results. I’ve compared both 2.1 cameras with both 1.3 Raspberry Pi cameras."

Looks like there's a bad batch of v2.1 webcams...? Get an RMA for that one and cross your fingers.