Help with controlling temperatures with water cooling system and inclousure temps

hello everybody,

a complete newbie in the community and in the ecosystem of octoprint.

I am planning to make an enclosure for my MK3 I3, and I wanted the easiest way to control the inside air temps with a heater and to control two water cooling systems (one for all the motors) and one for the hotend of the printer.
but I think that I am really bad at searching for information (possibly is that) or there is no guide for doing it, anyway I couldn't find anything about the subject.
I would like to take two water pump of 12 or 24V and a heater and that the Pi regulates the power of them so it can keep stable the different temperatures.
I have some questions that maybe someone with more knowledge on the subject could help me with.
is there any shield for the raspberry that could help me with this? (i mean control two different pumps and a heater may be a small fan too)
octoprint is able to "know" the different temps of the printer? I mean the ones from the hotend, and the motors)
Would I need some extra things no? like an alimentation for the pumps, the heater and the fan that is going to be regulated by the Pi, any recommendation?
i would really apretiate ay help :slight_smile: really lost here :confused:
as information the MK3 I3 has outputs of 24V

For the enclosure control we recommend the Enclosure Plugin.
I've read about water hotend cooling, but not for the motors.
But for the whole cooling setup I would not use the power supply of the MK3 for various reasons

  • not enough power for the additional hardware
  • risk of electrical interference of the pumps concerning the Einsy board and the RasPi

For practical hints concerning water cooling in all, you may find valuable information in the forums (RepRap, Prusa, etc)

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Thanks a lot!!!
It is going to help me a lot, now I need to look for a way to read the temperatures of the hotend and the motors and action the pumps from the lecture i have.
thanks :slight_smile:

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