Help with octoprint and XYZ Da Vinci jr 1.0 W

Hi all

I am having a lot of trouble getting my printer to work with octoprint which is all setup on my Raspberry pi 3

I've got my camera all done and mounted, I just wanted to see if it is at all possible to get my printer to work through octoprint ?

If it's not I would be more than satisfied if I could at least record with it, camera works just not sure to get it to record a timelapse video

I appreciate your time and help


Unless you get specific, the best we can do is tell you to follow the OctoPi / OctoPrint installation instructions.

Sorry it's my first printer so bare with me

I cant find anywhere method of getting XYZ printers to work with octoprint, I'm starting think you can't at all

Is there any other method of making timelapse videos using my raspberry pi setup?

Ice got my camera working fine in octoprint but I csnt find a record button, I'm guessing it auto records when it prints which is where I'm stuck....

I agree with your assessment. From a cursory look with Google, I agree that you can't connect this printer to OctoPrint. While it appears to have a USB port, I believe that is mostly used to configure the printer's WiFi. The firmware in the printer doesn't appear to be Marlin and the USB doesn't understand GCode.

Given that, there's really no reason to run OctoPi / OctoPrint on your Raspberry Pi. Install Raspbian and use Google to search for "raspberry pi camera time lapse". Here's one link to get you started.

Thanks for that, I'll keep octoprint on there because it's a nice setup for me to remotely view my printing, but I'll definitely look at the timelapse link. Thanks for the help, I'll post back anything I find out just incase someone else has the same issue

Thanks again