High network usage


I have very high bandwidth usage (all available bandwidth on my Windows computer), resulting in a hardly responding Octoprint webgui. This happens on multiple computers and with multiple browsers) on my Octoprint 1.3.11 running on Raspbian Buster on a RPi4 when opening the Octoprint webgui.

I'm not sure why this is happening.

As long as I don't open the WebGUI (through apps like OctoClient and OctoPod, the issue does not occur), there is no issue and OctoPrint runs fine. Also when opening the Webgui on iPad, iPhone or MacOS, there is no issue.

I have an (almost) identical Octoprint running with another printer, same hardware, same version, same plugins, and there the issue does not exist.

I saw some issues with high CPU usage, but I don't experience that.

My octoprint.log don't show anything strange, as far as my untrained eye can determine ;-). (see below)

In the logfile I started Octoprint, opened the Webgui and stopped Octoprint again.
octoprint.log (123.4 KB)

like 1 Gbit!? Wow that's really high.
Try to start octoprint in safemode maybe a plugin causes that

Use the built-in scanner to look for computer viruses. It's possible that this high-bandwidth problem is that:

  1. your computer is now a zombie and it's sending out SPAM email for someone
  2. your computer is now a porn hosting website or warez website or similar
  3. your computer is now being used to mine cryptocurrency for someone else

Yes, the whole 1Gbit.

Will try safe mode.

I thought about that too, but it only happens when I open the Octoprint page of this printer. With another Octoprint it doesn't and it happens on multiple computers, both here and in the office.

As suggested then, try safe mode. Next, disconnect the webcam if you have one and compare.

Seems like it has something to do with the webcam. When I stop the stream with the script, the bandwidth usage drops to almost zero. With stream enabled, it's about 35Mpbs, but the printer isn't printing anything, this afternoon it got almost all the way up to 100Mbps

On my other Octoprint, the webcam stream never gets higher than 15 Mbps idle. When printing, about 35Mbps

They both use the same settings for resolution and FPS. And I don't get why this suddenly became an issue yesterday.

Maybe safest to re-install and start over.

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To illustrate, when printing:

On my other Octoprint, when printing

Well there is a big difference between 1Gbit/s and 100Mbit/s :smiley:
That's normal depending on your webcam settings. My webcam stream with the pi webcam got about 150 Mbit/s.
I bet your other octoprint got either an other webcam, other settings or both. (Or a bad wifi signal :smiley:)
Also it makes a difference what the cam is recording (dark room or bright room for example)

If you still think both streams should be the same, take a snapshot on either stream and compare the size of those pictures.

You're right, miscalculated, it was late :zzz:

The settings are definitely the same, both snapshots show 1280x720.

The webcam's are different, but the thing that bothers me the most, is that it started happening suddenly.

And what about the file size of both images?

And let's not forget about the framerate which also influences needed bandwidth.

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Actually the one that doesn't have the issue is not running a print right now, but has a filesize of 232k and the other with the issue has a filesize of 141k.

I disanbled and enabled all plugins one-by-one and the network-bandwidth is significamtly higher when I enable the OctoPrint-Dashboard plugin. With this disabled the performance is as it was before.

I will raise an issue at the Github of the plugin.

Thanks for your support!