Hit URL after print is finished

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I installed the Plugin "Automatic Shutdown" which should poweroff OctoPrint if I want to. I haven't tested it now, I think it will work perfectly.

Know I want an option like Automatic Shutdown to open an URL after a print job has finished. This should also be optional, I don't want to send the URL after each print.

The Printer and the Raspi are connected to a WLAN plug. The URL specifices to power off the printer and the Raspy after a specific amount of seconds.

After a print is finished, OctoPrint should do two things:

  • Open the specific URL
  • shut itself down

Is this possible?

Thank you very much.

This could be done with the built in event system in OctoPrint.

Or I believe there is a webhooks plugin that would also be able to do something similar.

Thank you,

tried webhooks but could get it to work. I have an URL like this:


This works if I open it in the browser. But it don't work with webhooks.
With the username and password the URL could not get parsed. Without user and pass I get "401 Unauthorized".

How can I get this to work with authorization?

Ever got this or a similar solution to work?
In a similar boat. Want to call a URL to initiate a nodered flow if a print has started or finished, but the webhook plugin won't parse my URL with basic authentication like yours.

I assume we are talking about the OctoPrint-Webhooks plugin. If so, then there is already an issue open but the plugin author has asked for more information which has not been provided.

I strongly suggest to @Dreikant and @mversion that you provide the details of your failures to either that issue or a new issue on the plugin homepage so the author of the plugin can fix it.