How can i change the print-speed during printing?

Thank you for this great project at the begin!

I use octoprint for my ender 3 and i need to change the print spped during printing. Is this possible? where can i set it?

for example:
if i sliced it with a print-speed about 60mm/s and i want to change this to 40mm/s, i need to change it to 66%. It is really important, that the flow and something else, will be automaitcally set for the 60%.

is this possible?

thank you

This is the "feed rate" setting in the control tab. Here you can provide the printer with a percentage that it will scale all of the gcode speeds to. So you can set 60% here and then every move will be 60% of the speed that is set in your slicer.

You don't mess with flow unless you are over or under extruding. E is material per move and is automagically controlled by feedrate. No matter how fast you move, you still need the same amount of plastic. So feedrate controls the extruder as well.

thank you!!

Just to be clear - that setting affects all speeds incl movement and retraction

If the print is stringier than usual, that might be the reason :wink: