How can i resume printing after filament runout?

What is the problem?

Hello, I have a filament sensor connected to an SKR 1.4, when there is a filament runout the printer stops but i dont know how to resume, i know it would be much better to connect the sensor to the raspberry PI but it is not possible in my case, do anyone know how can i do it ? Thanks.


Additional information about your setup

SKR 1.4 with marlin

How does it stop the printer?
Does it just stop in the middle of the print or does it move the head into a park position and pauses the print?
Is there anything on the screen of the printer?

It moves to the park position and stops. I don't get any message on the octopi interface, i doesn't even change the state of the machine from printing to stopped.

Could you provide the output of an M115 command, please? Where did you obtain the firmware?

Do you have a screen attached to the printer? Do you have a knob or button as well?

Having the runout sensor attached to the controller board (the SKR 1.4) in the printer is a perfectly acceptable configuration and with the right options compiled in the firmware, OctoPrint should function as expected.

Enabling the serial.log will allow both the capturing the M115 output and then the output of an experiment where you start a print and the cut the filament to force a runout to occur. You can then upload a systeminfo bundle so we can look at it.

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