How can I secure Octoprint with username/password?


I would like to make my Octoprint webserver available outside my home network. To do so I would like to create two accounts:

  • One "admin" account that can actually control the printer
  • One "viewer" account that can only see the current status and webcam image (all readonly)

The second account I would share with friends and family, so that they can watch their prints beeing done :slight_smile:

Does Octorpint support such an account system? Currently the webserver always grants full access to the printer without any login. Couldn't find anything about usernames/passwords/accounts in the settings... Or is there a plugin that can do something like this?


Hi @VanKurt!

Goto OctoPrint Settings -> Access Control -> + Add User

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I don't have that option in the settings menu :frowning:


Fixed it :slight_smile:

I used the info on resetting the config.yaml from here:
After that the access control was available again.

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