How can i setup an TFT-Display (No Touch)?



I have an TFT-Display without Touch from Admatec.

How can i set it up on Octoprint?

I like to display the current print status in %, the estimated time of print is finished and the temperatur from bed and nozzle.

The driver for the display is installed and the display test works. So the "problem" is to implement the display into octoprint.

If there is no ready Plugin, i´m interested on how to create a Plugin for this by my own. :slight_smile:

It would be very cool if someone can help me.

Best Regards



To the best of my knowledge, there are limited options for this.

Since you don't have a touch version of TFT, a mini keyboard would help, as described here.

Although you can install the TouchUI plugin plus the Raspbian Desktop and use a local browser on the Raspberry to visit OctoPrint on itself, since you don't have touch on your screen, it wouldn't really work that well and honestly, wouldn't give you what you're probably looking for.

I created a Conky theme for mine and I've got logistics from the printer displaying on it.

If you're interested, you should read up on Conky and see if you'd be comfortable figuring out how it works.

Caveat: The scripts which periodically run on Conky to gather the information should be staggered so that they don't all run at once (which could labor down the four-core Raspberry Pi 3).

The original Robo 3D printer which I own came with the RoboLCD OctoPrint plugin which was created by a contractor and based on Kivy. It might be possible to use this code, refactor it greatly and just present a simple no-touch version to provide logistics.